New Girls and My Girls

“If life gives you lemons, a simple operation can give you melons.”

Historically speaking I’ve always loved my boobs. They were my favorite while I was pregnant and of course while breast feeding.  They even made a great recovery after having Aria, but after having Maia they became sad and saggy and I hated them. When I laid down they would slid off to my armpits never to be seen again. I just laughed about them, I mean what else are you supposed to do? Even the greeting card industry has boob jokes.

I always had intentions of getting new boobs, but the timing and financials just never seemed to work. I mean let’s face it, is there ever really a good time to spend $8000 on an elective cosmetic enhancement procedure? I had gone for my first consult in October of 2016.  I met with one of the top surgeons in our area, but I wasn’t entirely sold on his method.  He only did under the muscle and wouldn’t consider over, despite  my request to at least talk about that as an option.  So I decided to wait a little longer, work on my fitness, and keep wearing my double your cup size push ups.

Fast forward to April 2018, and I was finally ready to commit to having surgery. I had finally convinced my husband to stop being cheap about it too, actually his friends made fun of him for being cheap about it. I called the same surgeon because he had done all my friends and I knew his work, to my surprise they had a new doctor that had taken over all breast surgeries. I’m not going to lie I was apprehensive at first about seeing someone new. However when I arrived for my consult and met with the doctor I knew instantly that he was a better fit and would work to achieve exactly the results I wanted.

I opted for over the muscle implants for a few reasons:

  1. I had a fair amount of existing breast tissue which reduced the risk of capsular contracture.
  2. I was a little saggy but not enough to need a full lift, over the muscle gave the lift I needed.
  3. I wanted an easier recovery. There was no muscle involvement in my implants which shortened my recovery time and allowed me the get back to lifting sooner.

From there the whole process was a breeze, I scheduled surgery for the end of May.  I had a pre-op appointment 2 weeks before the surgery, it was by phone and really basic.  I have had surgeries before so the information was nothing new to me.  I also filled all my prescribed medications to bring with me the day of surgery.  The morning of surgery I arrived to the office and was called back to the operating room side.  My husband ended up leaving to run some errands as he wasn’t allowed back with me.  I got my beautiful OR attire on and had my IV inserted, met with anesthesia to answer a few questions, and met with my surgeon to be marked up.  The entire thing was so easy, before I knew it I was awake, in my clothes, and in a wheelchair ready to go home.

The pain was really minimal through the whole recovery process. The only real discomfort I had is best compared to the feelings of engorgement and letdowns while breastfeeding, this was the result of swelling and my nerves regenerating.  I went back for a 1 day post op visit, a one week post op to remove my stitches,  a one month post op where I was cleared to resume all normal activities, and a 2 months post op where we did after pictures.

I would 100% have this procedure again, and recommend it to anyone wanting to restore there girls to their former glory.  I was also 150% recommend Dr. Daniel at Maine Plastic Surgery in Portland.  Dr. Daniel listened to what I wanted for results and made suggestions best in line with my goals and based on his extensive experience.  He agreed that I was a good candidate for over the muscle and my results are nothing short of amazing.  I ended up with Right-485cc/Left-520cc Natrelle Inspira silicone implants.  Ironically my left was bigger to begin with but the it projects less so it needed the bigger implant to look even.  I will say that I did expect them to be a little bigger and even look a little faker but I am really happy with how natural they look.  I ended as a 36DD (according to Victoria’s Secret), but I honestly live in bralettes now which is amazing! (See before and afters at the bottom, I tried to keep it as PG as possible.)

My only concern in this entire process was explaining this to my daughters.  I didn’t want them to think this was something I was doing because I hated my body or because society says my boobs should look different.  I also didn’t want to pretend nothing had changed, because lets face it Aria picks up on EVERYTHING and she wants to be a plastic surgeon when she grows up.  I was very up front and open with Aria.  I told her that after having kids my boobs just didn’t look the same and I wanted to restore them to what they used to look like.  I was very firm in stating that I was doing this for myself and no one else, I ultimately just wanted certain to clothes to fit better and not have to worry about what bra I could wear to hold them up. If you ask Aria about my boobs she will say they used to be really sad looking and now they look happy.  I’m sure as she gets older and Maia does as well we will have more conversations around boobs.  As it is Aria already wants them and asks to wear bras all the time.  Maia talks about her boobs all the time too.  I wish I had greater wisdom and a more profound message I gave my daughters, but really what was more important was being as open and honest as possible with them through the process and in the future.

<3 Bethany

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